Ron Paul Breaks Through Yet Another Media-Mandated “Ceiling”

We know that Ron Paul has powerful enemies and an uphill fight the whole way. But we are starting to turn the tide. Throughout 2011 the establishment pundits kept saying that Ron Paul had a ceiling; “5%, ok maybe 10%”.

Then came the Iowa Caucuses – “Now we know what Ron Paul’s definite ceiling is: it’s 21%.”

Then came New Hampshire – “Ron Paul’s high water mark is 23%, he will go downhill from here.”

Then came Minnesota – “Ron Paul’s ceiling is 27%, that’s as much as he will ever get.”

A few days later Ron Paul got 36% of the vote in Maine, and lo and behold, the pundits stopped talking about the “ceiling”.

So what is Ron Paul’s ceiling in the hearts of the American Patriots,the Oval Office Ceiling, where he can change the course of history !