‘Jane Roe’ from Roe v Wade endorses Paul (2008)

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On the 35th anniversary of the Roe v. Wade Supreme Court ruling, Norma McCorvey (a.k.a. “Jane Roe,” who later changed her views on abortion in the mid-90s) gave Paul her official endorsement today.

“I support Ron Paul for president because we share the same goal, that of overturning Roe v. Wade. He has never wavered on the issue of being pro-life and has a voting record to prove it. He understands the importance of civil liberties for all, including the unborn,” she said at a press conference in Washington this morning.

Abortion – Roe V Wade – Norma McCorvey

Santorum’s claim that RP is only 50% on Abortion HURT !
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We need to get the FACTS out there that Ron Paul is 100% on abortion.

See Rick Santorum at the 1.30 min mark VIDEO:

is a screen shot from the National Right to Life website

Federal NRLC Scorecard – 112th Congress, Combined Sessions

U.S. House of Representatives

112th Congress, Combined Sessions

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1. H.R. 2, to repeal the “ObamaCare” health care law (01/19/2011, Roll Call No. 14)
2. Cut off federal funds to Planned Parenthood (Pence Amendment) (02/19/2011, Roll Call No. 93)
3. Block funding for Obama health care law (04/14/2011, Roll Call No. 270)
4. Cut off federal funds to Planned Parenthood (04/14/2011, Roll Call No. 271)
5. No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act (H.R. 3): passage (05/04/2011, Roll Call No. 292)
6. Use of federal funds to train abortionists; conscience protection (05/25/2011, Roll Call No. 338)
7. Protect Life Act: passage (10/13/2011, Roll Call No. 789)

14. Ron Paul (R-TX-14) 1.X 2.X 3.X 4.X 5.X 6.X 7.NV 6-X 0-0 Score 100%…

(Federal scorecard for TX reps) for the year 2011



LIFE DOES BEGIN @ CONCEPTION ! this simple fact and the fact that science/man can NOT create life = sperm or an egg or conception with out a man & woman donating the egg and sperm should be pretty obvious. Immediately AFTER LIVE BIRTH if a child was killed accidently The Delivering Doctor would be sued for WRONGFUL DEATH via Malpractice Insurance ! However, for 270 days = 9 months prior to that birth the child being Aborted is NOT MURDER ????

Dear Concerned American,

The unborn.

They need protection.

If you don’t believe that innocent, defenseless babies still in the womb are worthy or your time and effort to protect, then I know this email won’t change your heart.

But if you, like me, hold the belief that the life of an unborn child is precious, then I hope you will take the next few minutes to read this email and sign the Life at Conception Act petition.

You see, almost 4,000 babies are aborted every day in America … over 1 MILLION defenseless lives ended each year.

This has to stop.

That’s why the National Pro-Life Alliance is rallying support for a Life at Conception Act.

The Life at Conception Act gives legal recognition to what you and I already know — unborn children are living humans with the same right to life as you and me.

Ironically, this legal way to stop abortion in America is within the very Roe v. Wade ruling that overturned state laws against abortion back in 1973.

The Court noted if Congress ever declared that life begins at conception then unborn babies would have the protections of the U.S. Constitution.

The Life at Conception Act does exactly this.

But to pass the Life at Conception Act, it will take an outpouring of support from pro-life Americans like you.

So please give a few minutes of your time to help the National Pro-Life Alliance move closer towards passing a Life at Conception Act by signing their petition.

And after you sign your petition, I hope you will chip in $10, $25 or more to help the National Pro-Life Alliance build support for the bill.

Your petition is important, but without your financial support, the National Pro-Life Alliance may fall short of rallying enough Americans to pass a Life at Conception Act.

You see, even with your financial support this is going to be a tough fight.

The “choice” fanatics will not easily give up their right to abortion and Planned Parenthood and other abortion agencies know their nearly $1 billion-a-year business will dry up if they are no longer able to end the lives of unborn children.

Unfortunately, many of my colleagues in Congress just still aren’t sure Americans are serious about ending abortion.

You see, D.C. tends to have a short-term memory, only remembering the last crowd who shouted the loudest.

To counter this problem, the National Pro-Life Alliance will send a message so clear that only the most stubborn Members of Congress will be able to ignore our plea to save the unborn.

And the National Pro-Life Alliance will keep up the fight until a Life at Conception Act is passed, no matter how long the battle.

So please, click here to sign the Life at Conception petition right away.

And if you can, please chip in $10 or $15 or more to the National Pro-Life Alliance to help them build support for the Life at Conception Act.

While defending Life at Conception in Congress is important, the fight to save the unborn won’t take place at just the federal level.

The National Pro-Life Alliance has a plan to push for life saving legislation at the state level as well.

And while they’re at it, defunding Planned Parenthood and the abortion funding in ObamaCare is a priority too.

Pro-Life Americans may not be able to force President Obama to sign any pro-life legislation, but they can make sure funding for abortion is removed from legislation that he is likely to sign to keep the government running.

Which gives pro-life advocates a great opportunity in this political climate.

And to make this happen, the National Pro-Life Alliance plans to launch a massive campaign that includes TV and radio ads, phone calls, emails, and faxes.

Washington will be flooded with the pro-life message.

That’s why your contribution — even just chipping in $10 or $25 — is so important.

But regardless of the recent election, this will be a long and hard battle.

I’ve never been one to step down from a tough fight, especially when it comes to the unborn.

I’m in this for the long haul.

Are you?

So, if you really are committed to the protection of unborn, innocent lives, please take just a minute of your time to sign the National Pro-Life Alliance’s petition.

Click here to sign the Life at Conception petition right away.

The National Pro-Life Alliance is funded solely by the generosity of pro-life Americans who are willing to sacrifice financially to fight for the unborn.

Please consider chipping in $25 to the National Pro-Life Alliance.

If $25 is too much, even a donation of $10 will help. Every dollar counts in this fight.

Of course, if you can and want to contribute more, the National Pro-Life Alliance will be careful stewards of your trust.

Your donation will allow the National Pro-Life Alliance to reach hundreds of thousands of Americans to join in the fight for a Life at Conception Act.

By signing the petition, the National Pro-Life Alliance will send your voice directly to your Representative and Senators demanding they stand up for the unborn and do everything in their power to pass a Life at Conception Act.

Innocent babies are being killed every day in our nation.

The National Pro-Life Alliance is here to help put an end to it.

Will you take a stand with us?

Can I count on you?

Click here to sign the petition right away.


Dr. Rand Paul,
United States Senator (KY)

P.S. Innocent unborn babies are being killed everyday and need our protection.

Ironically, in the court decision on Roe v. Wade, it was noted that if a legislature ever declared that life begins at conception, then unborn babies would have the protection of the U.S. Constitution.

The National Pro-Life Alliance is hoping you will join with them to work towards passing a Life at Conception Act to end the atrocity of abortion.

Will you stand up today?

Please take just a minute to sign the National Pro-Life Alliance’s Life at Conception petition by clicking here.

Afterwards, I hope you will please chip in $25 or more to the National Pro-Life Alliance to help them in their efforts.

But if that is too much, please consider chipping in just $10 or $15. Trust me, it will help.

Can one million unborn babies count on you today?


Ambassador Alan Keyes – Roe V Wade – James Dobson – Focus on the Family – Ban

RON PAUL 2012 !!!


Pepsi Using Embryo Cells for Flavoring?

August 4 | Posted by politicol | Health Tags: a PR nightmare for Pepsi, Children of God Website-fetal kidney cells in Pepsi, Flavorings in pepsi-aborted fetal kidney cells, Pepsi contains Aborted Baby cells, Pepsi’s board of directors, Super bowl commercial Pepsi-2011

Pepsi Using Embryo Cells for Flavoring?

Just when you think today’s food and beverages have reached their limits of disgusting salmonella bacteria, hormones, chemicals, pesticides and coloring, now comes embryo kidney cells in flavorings.

Don’t Tread on my Food and Beverages- Pepsi

A story in Life Site News stats that a bio-medical firm has removed from their websites, their partners in using HEK-293 (human embryo kidney cells in their R&D department for flavorings added to soft drinks.
Their partner is Pepsi Company amongst others who’s names are hidden from the public.
The backlash from Pro-Life groups has produced this response from Pepsi:
” with respect to the flavor discovery research with Senomyx, we utilize techniques that have been the gold standard for several decades”.
Therefore, consumers have been drinking human embryo kidney cells (usually derived from human fetuses) for the past 20 or 30 or more years and didn’t even know it?
Is this the kind of bio-medical- science fictional advancements that science has produced? Kidney cells in your Pepsi?
Obviously, this is another story not making the headlines in the main stream media when stories like the Kardashian sisters dominate the news who can blame them for covering such vital information?
The gold standard in soft drinks is: Human Kidney Cells for flavoring a soft drink? Hormones or cells ingested from other humans, sets up a negative immune response and is totally unnecessary to be used in a soft drink.

If it was the gold standard then why did Senomyx remove Pepsi’s name on their website? Why are they hiding who their partners really are and what are they hiding?
The Pro-Life Group Children of God for Life or (COGFL) which is targeting Pepsi Co for a boycott and have written the company protesting the use of human embryo cells in artificial flavorings in their soft drinks. The Pro-Life Director Debi Vinnedgre says:
“Pepsi and Senomyx have done everything in their power to trivialize what they are doing, when in fact what they are doing is only further damaging their public image”. The group have written to all of Pepsi’s board of directors to protect their shareholders interests, as they are funding the research for Senomyz but no response from the board was given.
If Pepsi is doing this, you almost bet all major soft drink companies are using embryo cells in soft drinks also and there is no report to the contrary.
Consumers find it disgusting to know that what they are drinking in a Pepsi is:
human aborted baby kidney cells!!
The other issue is the public is never even made aware of this ingredient and Pepsi sells millions of gallons of Pepsi every day around the world.
Human Embryo Cells in Pepsi drinks? Unbelievable!!

Dead babies kidney cells for flavoring? Um….that’s pretty darn awful and gross.
If we have not been told for decades that human embryo which is dead fetal cells are in the very drink that was America’s favorite, what else are we not being told about in our food and drinks? You can believe there is a lot of secrecy when ti comes to corporate welfare and profits.
Most comments on this subject are very revealing on how the public feels”
I don t buy anything that is with pepsi,kraft ,lipton ,anything that has to do with pepsi and synomix ,and all of my family have also stop buying all there products ,and heinz in Leamington Canada have stop pepsi and frito lays chips in there company, my sister works there and all the pepsi machine and frito-lays chips have been remove .That is a good start a company with a soul and conscience .
Senomyx Website states the are “innovative flavoring” company and produce flavorings for: food, beverage and ingredient supply companies. The website boasts they achieve a “competitive advantage and improve the nutritional profile of their products”.
What is even more strange is why the U.S. Patent Office is issuing patents for embryo fetal cells to be used in human food consumption and again we have to point the finger at the U.S. government for allowing patents on aborted baby fetal cells used in US foods and drinks. You can thank the morons at the U.S. Patent Office for issuing such ridiculous patents on dead baby cell lines, really this is where it starts.
For more information see:
US Patent Office
COGFL – Children of God for Life
Senomyx Website
Pepsi on Facebook
Pepsi Board of Directors
Pepsi Corporate Officers
Pepsi Co Values and Philosphy: From their website: Quote:
Our Values & Philosophy are a reflection of the socially and environmentally responsible company we aspire to be. They are the foundation for every business decision we make.

Bio Ethics
The marketing and advertising for young people even uses Santa to sell their products:

Another Pepsi Ad uses Sofia Vergara and David Beckham

The 2011 Super Bowl Pepsi Max Commercial

Remember all these ads are promoting fetal kidney cell flavors in Pepsi’s drinks.
What has become of the food and beverage regulations in the United States?

Pepsi Max- New Flavors from Aborted Cell Lines?

Source: Flavor Company that uses Embryo Cells Hides Partner Company Names
Other Websites that covered this story:
Bryan Kemper Boycott Pepsi Co
Causa Nostrae Blog
Miami News Aborted Fetus Cells in Pepsi?

Read more:


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Could some of China’s pharmaceutical companies be making “stamina pills” from still born and aborted babies? After the airing of a documentary on the Seoul Broadcasting System (SBS) in South Korea on August 6, the Chinese Ministry of Health said August 9 they have launched an investigation in the province of Jilin on the issue, according to China Daily.

The Chinese Ministry of Health has launched an investigation into the alleged production of pills made from dead babies. (SBS via New Daily)

A rough translation (via Now Public) posted on the SBS schedule listing before the documentary aired revealed that dried baby remains may have been crushed and made into a capsule, that would boost stamina. The documentary team conducted DNA tests on the capsule’s contents and found 99.7 percent of the pill was composed of human remains. International Business Times reported that the team also identified hair, nails and the baby’s gender.

The documentary team, which claims to have taken video of the manufacturing process in China, quoted inside sources who said the capsules were mainly sent to South Korea.

China Daily has more:

It was not reported which hospital or city in China the team visited.
Phone calls to Customs in Jilin went unanswered on [August 9].

A professor at the Third Hospital of Jilin University said he has never heard of such cases in his two-decade career.

“It’s hard to comment, because it looks like a rumor,” said the professor, surnamed Zhang. “This is impossible from my professional judgement.”

Three traditional Chinese medicine experts and obstetrics doctors in Beijing and Shanghai contacted by China Daily said they have never heard of such cases and it seemed senseless.

It has long been a folk tradition to eat placentas in China. Placentas are believed to make up sperm and support the sufficiency of the blood in traditional Chinese medicine. In China, placentas belong to the mothers of the newborns. Medical institutions will handle a placenta if a mother gives it up or donates it. Nobody is allowed to sell or buy placentas according to the regulation from the Ministry of Health.

It has yet to be confirmed if the manufacturing of pills made from dead babies is actually taking place. But if so, it could be a grotesque discovery.


Japan scientist synthesizes meat from human feces


It’s being called the “poop burger”. Japanese scientists have found a way to create artificial meat from sewage containing human feces.

Somehow this feels like a Vonnegut plotline: population boom equals food shortage. Solution? Synthesize food from human waste matter. Absurd yes, but Japanese scientists have actually discovered a way to create edible steaks from human feces.

Mitsuyuki Ikeda, a researcher from the Okayama Laboratory, has developed steaks based on proteins from human excrement. Tokyo Sewage approached the scientist because of an overabundance of sewage mud. They asked him to explore the possible uses of the sewage and Ikeda found that the mud contained a great deal of protein because of all the bacteria.

The researchers then extracted those proteins, combined them with a reaction enhancer and put it in an exploder which created the artificial steak. The “meat” is 63% proteins, 25% carbohydrates, 3% lipids and 9% minerals. The researchers color the poop meat red with food coloring and enhance the flavor with soy protein. Initial tests have people saying it even tastes like beef.

Inhabitat notes that “the meatpacking industry causes 18 percent of our greenhouse gas emissions, mostly due to the release of methane from animals.” Livestock also consume huge amounts of resources and space in efforts to feed ourselves as well as the controversy over cruelty to animals. Ikeda’s recycled poop burger would reduce waste and emissions, not to mention obliterating Dante’s circle for gluttons.

The scientists hope to price it the same as actual meat, but at the moment the excrement steaks are ten to twenty times the price they should be thanks to the cost of research. Professor Ikeda understands the psychological barriers that need to be surmounted knowing that your food is made from human feces. They hope that once the research is complete, people will be able to overlook that ugly detail in favor of perks like environmental responsibility, cost and the fact that the meat will have fewer calories.

Waste not; want not.

Obamacare Soylent Green Death Pills

“Doctor of Death Kevorkian”

If you are not an “Old Gal” or “Old Guy,” think of those in your family you wouldn’t want this to happen to.
Senior Death Warrants

This very likely could happen….. then what do we do?
Received this from a good friend of ours in Corpus who was diagnosed with cancer last year.. See what his doctor is saying….

Wednesday, I was at the doctor whom I have been going to since we moved down here (he is the one who discovered my cancer). I have to get a very expensive shot every 3 months ($3000) that is designed to keep the PSI down and help to prevent a recurrence of the cancer. Has some uncomfortable side effects, and I was questioning the need to continue with it, which he assured me was necessary. He then asked how old I was, and when I replied 70, he said that if this legislation goes through as intended by the powers that be, that I probably would not be able to get it next year, as that would be money better spent on someone else with greater longevity. I would be referred to someone to “counsel” me.

I asked him why the AMA had recently endorsed the plan. He replied that only about 15% of the nation’s doctors were members of AMA, and most of them were not really on the front lines of doctorh ood but in some other areas of medicine. He said he was a member, but would not be after this membership year.
This man got part of his training in London , and practiced in Canada for 16 years before coming to the US , and he has no use for socialized medicine, regardless of how you wrap it, or what kind of bow to put on it. He said that we have a shortfall of around 400,000 doctors at the present time, and many of today’s doctors are of the baby boomer generation who are nearing retirement and/or will decide to hang it up rather than deal with the results this is sure to bring.

In England no one over 59 can receive heart repairs or stents or bypass because it is not covered, as being too expensive and not needed.

The administartion wants to have a healthcare system just like Canada and England. I got this today and am sending it on.
Everybody that is on this mailing list is either a senior citizen, is getting close or knows somebody that is.

Most of you know by now that the Senate version (at least) of the “stimulus” bill includes provisions for extensive rationing of health care for senior citizens. The author of this part of the bill, former senator and tax evader, Tom Daschle was credited today by Bloomberg with the following statement:
Bloomberg: Daschle says “health-care reform will not be pain free. Seniors should be more accepting of the conditions that come with age instead of treating them.”

If this does not sufficiently raise your ire, just remember that our esteemed Senators and Congressmen have their own healthcare plan that is first dollar or very low co-pay which they are guaranteed for the remainder of their lives. Nor are they subject to this new law if it passes.

Please use the power of the Internet to get this message out. Talk it up at the grassroots level. We have an election coming up in one year and five months. And we have the ability to address and reverse the dangerous direction thisadministration and its allies have begun and inthe interim, we can make their lives miserable.. Let’s do this!


Nationalized Health Corps Workforce Army Another Obama army.

Americorps is not enough.

The army of eight-year-old goosesteppers is not enough.

Prisoner army, not enough. It is jawdropping and scary.

Lurking within the recently-released Reconciliation bill is a brand new corps of government workers.

Page 911 of the 2010 Reconciliation PDF. Section 2231. ‘‘Subpart XII-Public Health Workforce ‘‘SEC. 340L. PUBLIC HEALTH WORKFORCE CORPS. 3 ‘‘(a) ESTABLISHMENT.-There is established, within the Service, the public Health Workforce Corps (in this subpart referred to as the ‘Corps’), for the purpose of en-suring an adequate supply of public health professionals throughout the Nation. The Corps shall consist of-‘‘(1) such officers of the Regular and Reserve Corps of the Service as the Secretary may designate; ….”

It’s not Nationalized Health Care. It’s a Health Corps!