RP12 = Ron Paul 2012

“New Hampshire’s Choice: Liberty or Death (Ron Paul 2012 Rap Song)” by Smiley Chris MUST SEE

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The recent attacks on Ron Paul by the mainstream media inspired me to write this song and put this music video together to help clear his name. Research the good doctor yourself here on You Tube and hear him speak for yourself, don’t let the mainstream media tell you who is electable! Ron Paul is electable…IF YOU ELECT HIM! Voters have a choice to make this year: LIBERTY OR DEATH! RON PAUL 2012.

A video to inspire my fellow Ron Paul Revolutionaries out there!!!


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Hey everyone! I decided to start a “Smiley Chris” Facebook fan page because of the HUGE response I’ve gotten from my latest Music video. I was blown away by how fast it went viral!!!! I’ll be posting my music videos there (old and new). I have a few new projects in the works right now… some songs by me, others by famous people that I’m making Ron Paul oriented videos for! One for example is a song called “Word I Never Said” by Lupe Fiasco. I have lots of Ron Paul images and art work that I am incorporating into that one. Also another song of mine called “Life is Unfair” definitely deserves to be heard once the song/music video is released. Its is another one of my works of HEART. Please tell people about the facebook page! And thanks for all the support and inspiration! More fans = more drive for me to make videos! Lets keep em coming! Ron Paul 2012!!! FACEBOOK: “Smiley Chris”