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Iowa GOP moving vote-count to ‘undisclosed location’

Comments (102) By JONATHAN MARTIN | 12/27/11 7:15 PM EST
Threats to disrupt the Iowa Republican caucuses next week have prompted state GOP officials to move the vote tabulation to an “undisclosed location,” POLITICO has learned.

The state party has not yet told the campaigns exactly where the returns will be added up, only that it will be off-site from the Iowa GOP’s Des Moines headquarters. The 2008 caucus results were tabulated at the state party offices, which sit just a few blocks from the state capitol.

Activist groups including the Occupy movement have indicated that they’ll attempt to interrupt rallies in the closing days before next Tuesday’s caucuses.

The AP reported today that Occupy is making plans to even attend some caucuses and vote “no preference,” but not disturb the voting process.

But Iowa Republicans are also bracing for other threats, sources say, including hacking.

Iowa GOP Chair Matt Strawn wouldn’t comment on the plan to move the vote-counting except to say they’re increasing security measures.

“The Iowa GOP is taking additional safeguards to ensure the Caucus results are tabulated and reported to the public in an accurate and timely manner,” Strawn said. “We are not commenting on specific security procedures.”


Fellow Ron Paul Revolutionaries:

This is the moment of truth — the Ron Paul Campaign desperately needs more volunteers on the ground in Iowa and New Hampshire. The Iowa Caucus takes place on January 3; New Hampshire Primary follows a week later on January 10.

Although Ron Paul is rising in the polls in Iowa and New Hampshire, this is no time to sit on your hands and wait for a win. You’ve seen that the media is working overtime to smear, discredit, and otherwise marginalize Dr. Paul, so the time to act is NOW. Make no mistake about it — a win in Iowa and AT LEAST a strong second in New Hampshire are a MUST for Ron Paul to remain viable and continue to fight for the GOP nomination.

You will need to provide your own transportation — whether you choose to travel to Iowa or New Hampshire or both will depend on your personal circumstances.

1. How to Volunteer on the ground in IOWA with the Ron Paul Campaign:

Send an email to Natalya Orlando ( and include (a) your first and last name, (b) a phone number you can be reached at, (c) which state you’re from, and (d) which days you can stay in Iowa to help (example: December 30 – January 3).

2. How to Volunteer on the ground in NEW HAMPSHIRE with the Ron Paul Campaign:

Send an email to (choose ONE by region):

Hillsborough County — Shaun Bowen (
Sullivan, Merrimack, Belknap Counties — Andrew Sharp (
Cheshire County — John Lewicke (
Rockingham and Strafford Counties — Brian Early (
Grafton, Coos, and Carroll Counties — Norman Tregenza (

In your email, include (a) your first and last name, (b) a phone number you can be reached at, (c) which state you’re from, and (d) which days you can stay in New Hampshire to help (example: January 2 – January 10).

3. If you absolutely cannot travel to Iowa or New Hampshire, then THIS is what you need to be doing every day as time allows: – the Official Phone from Home Program.

NOTE: If you are not contacted by the Campaign within reasonable time regarding your request to volunteer, please reply to this email, and we will provide a direct phone number to the Ron Paul Headquarters in Iowa and/or New Hampshire.

In Liberty, Team

LEGAL DISCLAIMER: This notice was not solicited by the Ron Paul 2012 PCC, and the contents of this notice were not coordinated with the Ron Paul 2012 PCC. This notice is being distributed without the knowledge of the Ron Paul 2012 PCC and serves as a voluntary dissemination of public information by, which is not affiliated with the Ron Paul 2012 PCC.

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