Parkman - Geroge Washington @ Boston Museum of Fine Art

Parkman - George Washington @ Boston Museum of Fine Art

Samuel Parkman commissioned Gilbert Stuart to paint a full length oil portrait of U.S. President George Washington, which Samuel later gifted to the Town of Boston where the painting hung in the Fanueil Hall and now in the Boston Museum of Fine Arts. It was painted in 1806 ,on Dorchester Heights, full-length in uniform, standing by a white horse, holding his bridle in his left hand and his chapeau in his right.,+boston+museum+of+fine+arts&source=bl&ots=jaxkhkLxJx&sig=h3Yc-WYm8l2towZ1r2V-hTj5HJA&hl=en&ei=EBrbSYiBFIOIyAXKp4TCCA&sa=X&oi=book_result&ct=result&resnum=6