Pirates - Do Tread on USA !!!

Who Dares to Tread on the USA ???!!!

It would seem to me that the Governments, Corporations , Insurance Companies, Shipping Conglomerate’s / Lee ka Shing’s / Hutchinson Whampoa’s of the World could easily figure this one out. Let’s see we could call it the U.S. “Sea” versus “Air” Marshalls Services and pay them say a percentage of the Insurance Companies premiums to defend our U.S.A. (& Global Ships) with terminal/deadly force and satellite/high tech assistance. Sort of like the “Big Brother” machine can read our newspapers and movements of every one of us already. So why NOT implement the same resources for good ?

Besides there is a Global DEPRESSION (oops PMM = politically-Multi-Media-wise we are suppose to still use the word recession). So why not create a capitalist on the open market system of bidding for contracts renewable by the victims (end users) who are burdened to “self fund/insure” with these “new Anti-Piracy” Corporations ?